Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bnei Torah Editions...

Why do B'nei Torah need their own edition of a stop-smoking system? Not because the non-BneiTorah edition features scantily clad women, but for branding purposes. What subgroup dislikes being pandered to? Why should I waste my time with some generalist system designed for the masses, when I can instead purchase something that alleges itself to have been prepared especially for me and my kind?

By the way... what exactly is the "Lebovits system?" Does there exist a non-B'enei Torah edition? The cover art suggests this Lebovits is some famous anti-smoking guru, and that the book contains some version of his well known method. My elementary Googling, alas, returns only the Bnei Torah edition.

Coming soon! The Bnei Torah edition of the Atkins diet! How to cut down to eight pieces of kugel per weekend, easily and painlessly! And don't miss the The Bnei Torah edition of Alcoholics Anonymous! You'll be down to eight shots per Shabbos Shachris before you know it!

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