Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Terrible Problems You Shouldn't Know From

What do you think is the greatest problem in the world? Well, according to the bozos who actually go to shul meetings, the two issues threating my shul, my community and quitre possibly my olam haba are this:

* Men who talk during davening

* Woman who appear at shul in various stages of undres

Officially, we aren't supposed to talk after boruch she-amar, or during chazereth hashatz, but we do. (Of course we do. We're men in a shteeble. It's a clubhouse.) Officially, woman are supposed to cover their hair, elbows, knees and ankles, but many of them don't. (of course they don't. It's 90 freakin' degrees outside)

All of this bad behavior greatly disturbs the Rabbi, and the aformentioned meeting-attending bozos.

Questions for the blogosphere:
1 - Have any of you ever been inside a shul where there was good decorum? How was this accomplished?

2 - Is it possible for men to make women dress differently? Or are they just setting themselves up for a world of pain, plus long nights on lumpy couches?

3 - Am I the only one who thought it absurd that a bunch of men (no woman were included at the meeting) sat around discussing how women dress?

4 - Can anyone suggest something, you know, significant, that the Rabbi and the bozos could be concerned about instead? Because it seems to me that there have to be bigger problems in the world. Or even in the average shul. Suggestions?

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