Thursday, June 07, 2012

GOP Jew Eric Cantor Votes Against Israel

From the latest NJDC press release:

Eric Cantor Votes with GOP
House Members against U.S.-Israel Energy Funding

WASHINGTON, DC- Yesterday, nearly all House Republicans voted against a measure that would have increased funding for joint U.S.-Israeli energy cooperation. Among the "no" votes was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. National Jewish Democratic Council President and CEO David A. Harris said:

"Yesterday's vote by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his Republican caucus against an initiative to increase funding for joint U.S.-Israel energy cooperation is just the latest instance in which Republicans have let partisan politics stand in the way of advancing the U.S.-Israel relationship. Israel is a shining example of a country seeking energy independence through research in clean technologies and the United States has everything to gain by forging a deeper partnership in this area with our strongest ally in the Middle East. It is very disheartening that so many pro-Israel Republicans who believe in American energy independence voted the way they did yesterday."

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