Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Down with (all) the Queen(s) (and Kings)!

This is hysterical even by the extremely high standard we set for Jon Stewart and his team of writers. Of special note are the justified and spot-on attacks on CNN for lacking all sense of proportion or journalistic integrity and on the monarchy for being a horrible institution whose moment, thank God, has passed. Elizabeth and her decrepit retinue of cross-eyed layabouts deserved the gloomy day the weather gods gave her. Let her offspring abdicate and find real work.

And by the way, I have the same advice for our own leech-like Jewish royalty: the rebbes. Its no coincidence that starry-eyed John Oliver bounces up and down like a Hasid at a tish in the second video. All blinded, brain dead followers alike, and this is the role Oliver is playing. All of them believe the superstitions that prop up their master's might, and all of them imagine that merely being in the great man or woman's presence is a blessing.

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