Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Simpsons Visit Israel

The Simpsons went to Israel last Sunday, and I thought the episode was wall-to-wall hysterical with Sasha baron Cohen stealing the show with his portrayal of a tour guide. (Those who choose to be offended at everything will, no doubt, see hints of Antisemitism in the episode (Israel: Your American tax dollars at work) and in Baron Cohen's performance (No Masada! Shut your face!). Such cry-babies are referred to the Simpsons Go to Australia, and the Simpsons Go to India, and the Simpsons Go to China, (for starters) where the host countries are all given the same sort of treatment.)

The tour guide's daughter Dorit was Mac Air Book chick Yael Naim. You can see her recording her lines for her character's big fight with Bart Simpson here (warning: its boring). The episode itself is still on Hulu.

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