Monday, April 26, 2010

Rabbis Wanted

Following the success of "Meet the Reform Rabbi", I'd like to follow-up with similar interviews of other Jewish clergy. If you are one of the following, and would consent to being interviewed for the delight and amusement of my readers, please contact me at

Here's what I seek:
  • A Hasidic Jew who leads, or has led, a prayer congregation, such as a shteible. No formal ordination necessary. 
  • An Orthodox Jewish woman who teaches, or has taught, in an Orthodox High School, or Seminary, preferably with the title mechaneches or similar.
  • An ordained conservative Jewish woman, preferably one employed as a Rabbi by a shul.
  • A canter (any denomination)
Thanks in advance. If you'd like assurances that the interview will be gentle and that you won't be embarrassed, you can check with Rabbi Hayon on Twitter, or through me.

Search for more information about Jewish Rabbis at

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