Friday, April 23, 2010

One more little point about Lazer's dumb volcano theodicy

I'm kicking myself for not seeing the most blatantly idiotic thing about Lazer's dumb theory on Why God Made the Iclandic Volcano Explode, which was brought to my attention by an anonymous commentator.

Here, again, is what Lazer imagines God said to the UK after He, in his majesty and spledor, was notified by the ministering angels that a British burecrat had asked the Isreali Ministry of Tourism to reach a slightly higher standard of truth in its advertising.

"Aha, Great Britain - are you so brazen to discourage tourism to My Holy City?" Hashem asks. "You question My children's right to their Father's palace? You shall not have a single tourist entering or leaving your silly Island!"

Only Lazer's god appears to be the Homer Simpson of dietys. He went to all the trouble of arranging for a volcano and a mighty cloud of ash for the express purpose of preventing "a single tourist" from entering or leaving the UK, and what did those lousy non-cooperative tourists do? They took the chunnel.

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