Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big interview later today

Commenters here and writers on other OJ blogs frequently say unkind things about Reform Rabbis. In fact, among the Orthodox, the very idea of a "Reform Rabbi" is something of a joke: They're imagined to be religious ignoramuses, who are more concerned about hippie initiatives like organic beef then they are about tradition, law, and service.

So I thought it would be illuminating to put a legitimate Reform Rabbi on the seat of heat here at DovBear, and to hear his responses to some of the typical questions, objections and stereotypes. Rabbi Oren Hayon, a friend of mine from Twitter who frequently provides me with fast, witty answers to questions about Torah, grammar, and history, has graciously agreed to participate. His interview will be appearing later today, in two parts. 

If you have questions of your own, please leave them on the thread. Time permitting, Rabbi Hayon may reply.

Search for more information about the big interview at

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