Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More on Fox and "Fairness"

The beat down Jon Stewart delivered on Bernie "Boring" Goldberg was one for the ages. It was funny, scorching, accurate, honest, and demonstrated for perhaps the 8.9 millionth time that Fox is neither fair, nor balanced, and is therefore in no position to criticize the perceived biases of their critics - and especially not the  perceived biases of a self-avowed comedian.
Two for the price of one: Still not convinced Fox deal dishonestly with Obama? Still think they're just offering hard, but fair criticism, and providing a needed antidote to the rest of the liberal media? Well, if that's what you think you are blind stupid and wrong. Not mistaken. Not "presenting a different, but legitimate opinion."  Blind. Stupid. And wrong. Fox lies: Deliberately, frequently, and systemically. Here's yet another example.

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