Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's stupid non-issue

Haillary Clinton won't be appearing at the UN rally on Monday to scold Ahmadinejad because the rally organizers have invited Sarah Palin, too.

A quick accounting of the stupidity

1 - Hillary, you're an idiot for falling into this Republican trap. If you skip the event people are going to suggest your absence "proves" something. (see 2) Sure, if you go, the event becomes a dog and pony show, but that what it is anyway, arguably. (see 3)

2 - People who think Hillary's absences proves something, you are idiots. She's always done and said the right things regarding Israel and the Jewish people. She's never done a negative thing and AIPAC loves her. The fact that she is skipping a partisan, political event tells us nothing about her "true colors" or whatever.

3 - People who think this lame event matters, you are idiots for believing this. Ahmadinejad isn't going to change his ways on the basis of a UN rally. Sure, it would be nice if Hillary was there, but do you honestly think it matters in the long run? Whether she's there or not Ahmadinejad will always be Ahmadinejad

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