Sunday, September 07, 2008

Divorced from reality

Asks Krugman:
Can the super-rich former governor of Massachusetts — the son of a Fortune 500 C.E.O. who made a vast fortune in the leveraged-buyout business — really keep a straight face while denouncing “Eastern elites”?

Can the former mayor of New York City, a man who, as USA Today put it, “marched in gay pride parades, dressed up in drag and lived temporarily with a gay couple and their Shih Tzu” — that was between his second and third marriages — really get away with saying that Barack Obama doesn’t think small towns are sufficiently “cosmopolitan”?

Can the vice-presidential candidate of a party that has controlled the White House, Congress or both for 26 of the past 28 years, a party that, Borg-like, assimilated much of the D.C. lobbying industry into itself — until Congress changed hands, high-paying lobbying jobs were reserved for loyal Republicans — really portray herself as running against the “Washington
Why yes, of course they can. These are Republicans, and their relationship with the truth is always tenuous. It's why, for instance, Palin manages to tell us, again and again that she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere when she campaigned for governor supporting it. Let's hope Obama has the brains and the courage to give us a Sarah-the-flip-flopper commercial --and maybe it can end with McCain hugging an evangelical as we hear him in the voice over telling us that "Jerry Falwell is an agent of intolerance."

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