Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Demolishing Dumb Arguments (Dems love Sharpton)

Can we please put to rest the lie, recently repeated in my comments, about Al Sharpton and the Democrats. Many of the unthinking masses imagine that Sharpton's candidacy in 2004 suggests that Democrats embrace him and his ideas. In fact, it tells us the very opposite.

In the primaries Al Sharpton took less than 1 percent of the total votes, scoring less than 30 votes [thirty: not a misprint] in Maine and North Dakota, and ZERO [not a misprint] in Hawaii and Idaho.

He also lost the black vote in virtually every Democratic primary and caucus. As TNR tells it: "In New York, Sharpton's home state, Kerry beat him among black voters by 30 points; in California, he beat him by 49 points; in Georgia, he beat him by 51 points; in Virginia, he beat him by 52 points; and, in Maryland, he beat him by 55 points. And Kerry doesn't even have a particularly strong connection to the black community. "

These numbers show us that rather than embracing Sharpton and his views Democrats -white and black - entirely disowned him.

PS: If Sharpton's terrible showing in the primaries indicates to GOP-Jews that Democrats support his inanities and insanities, what lessons about the Republican party should be drawn from the fact that racist, anti-Israel, Holocaust-minimizer, Pat Buchanan outright WON the New Hampshire primary?

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