Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Blank Checks

Here we go again. Six years ago, Bush told us some pretty lies about Sadam's ability and intentions, and Congress was terrified into handing him a blank check and new powers, powers the Bush administration used irresponsibly. Now the Bushies are using the credit meltdown to demand still more new powers, and more new money, together with the ability to act as they please with inadequate regulation and virtually no oversight.

I'm not interested in hearing about the brilliance of the administration's plan. I don't care if the Treasury Secretary walks on water. This president and his men have abused the nation's trust, and has used crises after crises to usurp power. No more.

I don't care what the consequences are. I don't care what it means for my interest rate or my mortgage. The line must be drawn here, and for the sake of every future American generation the president must be forcefully reminded that he is not a king, he is not entitled to special deference, and that the founders, in their deathless wisdom, wanted no man to be trusted, because no man is an angel.

To quote the Times "We agree with Senator Barack Obama that the administration’s plan lacks regulatory muscle, and we agree with Senator John McCain when he said: “When we’re talking about a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, ‘trust me’ just isn’t good enough.”

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