Thursday, September 04, 2008

DovBear is out of the closet

A guest post by TikunOlam

After I returned from Israel, I found myself trying to explain to DovBear how difficult it was to leave Israel. I tried to explain to him that being in Israel after so many years, when I once believed I would make aliyah, was like having a chance to see the road not taken. As much as I am content and happy with my current community and lifestyle, I still felt sad getting a glimpse of what might have been.

Trying to understand me, DB wondered out loud (for about the zillionth time) why I was so attached to Israel. He explained that it makes no sense to him. And then he made a big mistake. He told me that my feelings and attachment to Israel were like feelings and attachments that people have to their favorite summer camp. Well, I might have taken his statement in a way he didn’t mean it, so the conversation took a pretty heated turn. Not that this is the first, or even 100th time DB and I have had a heated conversation about Israel.

But then, the other day when I made DB buy me lunch, he outed himself by accident. See, I think he thinks that he has us all fooled. He thinks we actually buy this hardcore apathetic when it comes to Israel act. But I know the truth. And I felt it my duty to his readers to out him. And I think it would be good for his soul too. DovBear is a closet Israel lover. He just wants to be (annoyingly) argumentative because he thinks it’s cute to see me get all riled up, it makes for good blogging and makes him sound more interesting than your average Orthodox Jew. But I have proof that DB is just an ordinary knee-jerk Israel loving loon. With all the dishes on the menu, he chose the Israeli salad. And he liked it.

Next up, proof that DovBear is secretly W's biggest fan.

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