Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The questionable logic of charity organzations

As bluke reports, the Kupat Hair of Beni Brak has arranged a special treat for its benefactors. Make a donation to this organization and a minyan of Torah scholars will mention YOUR name and YOUR request at the grave of the Vilna Gaon. Oo-weee and wowie kazowie. (Note: Kupat Hair of Beni Brak provides no promises, affirmations or guarantees that the Vilna Gaon and/or his emissaries, designees, or subsidiaries will hear, accept, honor, recognize, follow or carry out your request.)

Perhaps I'm an innocent child, but it seems to me that this is stupid. If I gave money to Kupat Hair of Beni Brak I'd want it spent on the poor,--not on a minyan's worth of plane tickets and hotel lodgings. Moreover, if requests made at the grave of the Vilna Gaon are such slam dunks, why isn't the minyan of Torah scholars asking the Gaon to provide for the poor?

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