Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Only in Israel

A guest post by TikunOlam

Being in Israel, I find that more than once a day, I am saying to myself, "only in Israel." Here are a few sighting and observations that come to mind:

1. Na Nach Nachman M'uman graffitti, bumper stickers and pom-pom white kippot

2. An 8 or 9 year boy dressed completely as a girl in a pizza shop in Tsfat - does anyone know what this is about?

3. The buff lifeguard at the Dead Sea with the "Chai" nipple ring

4. A man using his tzizit as a scarf at a Klezmer concert

5. The angry driver that kept going on and on yelling at my husband for "losing his mind" in Hebrew even when my husband kept insisting that he didn't understand a word he was saying

5. Jews living in the middle of nowhere and building extensions to their caravans to accommodate growing families

6. Rabbis carrying guns to shul

7. Pants worn under dresses as the hip new frum "style"

8. "Ani Tapuach" graffiti

9. Children able to play at the park without adult supervision

10. Kosher McDonalds, Burger King and KFC

11. Dati women with nose rings

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