Thursday, August 21, 2008

Around the horn (Conference edition)

:: FrumSatire is funny. Read his blog. During his set yesterday he said something about "blogger etiquette." Blogger ettiquete? There's no such thing. If I recall, FS's story involved getting beaten with a stick for requesting a link on someone's blog. If responding with such anger is "proper blogger etiquette," well, I'm afraid I'm in constant violation. Such requests arrive in my mailbox nearly every day, and I haven't yelled at anyone. [Anyone who wants to be added to the blogroll in invited to put their details in the comment thread, using the following format: Name, URL]

:: Carl in Jerusaelem, [8/22: link fixed!!] is apparently someone I should know. When I wrote that "Esther K... is moderating. Gil's on this panel, too, along with Trep, Jewlicious and some other guy I don't know" I wasn't trying to be dismissive. Until yesterday Carl, quite honestly, was "some guy I didn't know." I've since been to his blog, and discovered it contains lots of words and lots of readers, all of whom seem to be the sort of hard-core LGF loving righties who often make my skin crawl. This is no reflection on Carl, who seemed like a swell guy at the conference yesterday, nor on his blog, upon which I wish every success.

:: I still think that branding woman from the Foreign Ministry was superb. Perhaps a post on why she was dead right later today.

:: Rafi isn't fired.

:: Jameel at the Muqata is a good man and a good friend. (even if I do find it slightly presumptuous that he keeps saying Israel is my "home")

:: Medad has pictures and commentary So does Jewlicious, where you'll also find a list of some of the other blogs who wrote about the conference. (Jewlicious gets extra props for zinging Bibi.)

:: One of the Rabbis in the audience had a terrible time, but makes a great point: "The first speaker began with a d'var Torah about the importance of humility. To a room full of people who were only interested in self-promotion! (Come on, be honest. Which blogger doesn't dream of a mass readership and changing the world? Everyone is in it to some extent for the ego trip. Yes, even me!)"

:: Finally, its a shame I didn't see this stupid Haaretz article when it was new. (Spotted via Trep) Anyone concerned that the conference was "one-sided" or "agenda driven" can be corrected with one simple fact: I WAS OFFERED A FREE FLIGHT AND INVITED TO BE A PANELIST. ME. DovBear. The blogger who celebrated Israel's sixtieth with THIS.

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