Sunday, August 31, 2008

blogging has come a long way

A Guest Post by Rafi G.

Today, I participated in a press conference hosted by Opposition Leader and former PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
It seems that after the NBN JBloggers conference in which Bibi was the guest speaker, he must have taken a liking to the idea of reaching out directly to the people via blogs rather than just using the geeral media which are sometimes (often actually) hostile to him.

In addition to me being invited, Carl from Israel Matzav, RivkA from Coffee and Chemo, Lurker who comments and sometimes guests posts by The Muqata, and Mother in Israel were there as well.

You can see my post on the topic, reviewing Bibi's plan to overhaul the educational system of Israel, at Life in Israel.

So what do you think - was I invited to Bibi's press conference because of my relationship with DovBear, or in spite of my relationship with DovBear?

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