Friday, August 22, 2008

In which I express agreement with Gil Student

Post-conference, many of my blogging colleagues seem to be in agreement about the following points:

1- Bibi was a disaster. (Agree)

2 - Gil's opening dvar torah flopped (Agree)

3 - The presentation on branding was a betrayal of our history, our nation, and every Jewish child yet to be born. (Disagree)

4 - When Gil said that he didn't think the Jewish blogosphere is a true community the angels cried (Disagree) (I think he's dead right. Lots of different communities may exist within the J-blogopshere, but the J-blogosphere is not a community itself: We don't have common interests, and no one views the blogosphere as a distinct segment of society. We speak of aliya-nics, or skeptics, or TorahTrue-niks, not of "Jewish bloggers")

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