Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What fun: An article about "truth" that contains only lies

By Dennis Prager, the chicken-with milk eating chicken hawk:
Textbooks. A prime example of the left's view of truth is its changing the goal of high school American history textbooks from telling truth to promoting self-esteem among minority and female students by depicting more women and more non-whites in American history textbooks
Everyone get that? Including more women and non-whites in A M E R I C A N history books is an ipso facto lie, because everyone knows that before MLK and that Betty Fridan women got all uppity there were no women or non-whites of any importance in this country. Meanwhile, this is the same Dennis Prager who, every December, "promotes the self-esteem" of our Christian overlords by warning us not to insult their poor, precious feeling via wishing them a "Happy Holiday."

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