Monday, September 03, 2007

Cooking with DovBear

I make an excellent hamburger. I use the very best ground meat and after adding nothing that might overwhelm the flavor of the meat, I shape thick, round burgers. I don't pack the meat too firmly, and I don't pound the patties into those skinny, pancake abominations you find in the supermarket. My burgers are about half an inch thick, and I handle the meat gently so the juices stay in. Supermarket patties are overworked, and therefore dry.

Most people add insult to injury by putting a squeezed out pancake burger on an Arnold's or Freihoffer hamburger bun. This is the behavior of a masochist. Those buns are flabby and flavorless - a perfect match for the sort of flat and flavorless patty, favored by clueless cooks. Instead, follow my advice: Stay away from lean meat (fat = flavor) Keep the burger thick and lightly seasoned. Don't over handle it, don't squeeze out the juices by flattening it with your spatula when its on the grill, and, after letting it cook for five minutes per side, put it on a real roll, from an actual bakery (or the market's bakery section.)

Your guests and your taste buds will appreciate the difference.

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