Monday, September 24, 2007

Top Yom Kippur moments

(In no order)

- Kol Nidrei melody. The idea that we're saying "our vows don't count, God: neither should yours" is charming.

- The first time we scream BSKMLV.

- Yaaleh (esp. if a good tune is chosen) (ever read the words?) (Not just the message. The language)

- The mournful tune the shatz uses for PsZ. Sounds old (if it isnt I dont want to know)

- The Hamelech melody. Haunting.

- Avot melody

- Selling aliyot (I hate it and find it sacrilegious) (I enjoy grumbling)

- Imru laylokim/maaseh elokin. Great language, great imagery, if the chazan picks the right tune it can be sublime

- Imitating (or imagining we're imitating) the chants of the kohanim, as we play-act at being in the BHMK. Like a Good Friday procession, only no one dies and no eternal enemy of the Jewish people is created

- Al chet melody. I always think of old Jews in a barn somewhere in Europe saying vidui while, outside, anti semites are sharpening their knives

- Birkas Kohanim/Hayom. For reasons I've never understood BK makes me happy, and the peace blessing (Sim shalom) the follows it never fails to touch me. On the Yomin Noraim we get the added fun of screaming: "Bless us today!! Make us great today! Judge us kindly today!!" Its childlike, of course, but the immaturity is sanctioned and cathartic.

- The mood of the day. Everyone is solemn, polite and ready with a blessing for their fellow man.


We started at 8 am, and finished musaf at 2:45. Mincha was at 5 and we broke fast on lasagna. How about you?

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