Thursday, September 20, 2007

About Jameel's story

[The Muqata: What happened in Ichilov Hospital?]

He tells it very well, but two important pieces of information are missing from Jameel's account of the miracle at Ichilov. First, we need to know how often patients in that EXACT predicament recover when prayers are not offered. If it happens even occasionally, we aren't compelled to call this event a miracle. Second: I imagine prayers are often said for patients who find themselves in that exact predicament. How often do they work? If the answer is "not very often" it's fair to ask if it was really the prayers that made the difference this time.

In short, until we know the true circumstances, we should be reluctant to attribute the outcome to a supernatural intervention.

[Please do not interpret this short analysis as an attack on prayers. I pray. I think everyone should pray. Just"walk humbly with thy God."]

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