Monday, September 24, 2007

Opposite of Top Yom Kippur moments

In no order:

- Selling aliyot (hate it, hate it, hate it)

- The ArtScroll encouraged idea that "[The piyutim are] infinitely more than inspired poetry."

- The appeal after Kol Nidray.

- People who read all and complain about how boring shul is. Will you please kwicherbellyachin'? Please?(This is attitude, I've found, is more common in shtiebles, and its usually the people who identify themselves as "very frum" who think its holier to learn when the rest fo us are praying)

- Chazzanim who use new tunes for the piyutim. Call me an unreconstructed traditionalist, but I don't want to sing Maaseh Elokim to the latest Shwekcy hit. (And though I recognize that some of the more "traditional" tunes were likely Russian drinking songs before we appropriated them, that isn't what they mean to me.)

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