Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Larry Craig bust.

While I was out, I see another Republican Congressman got busted for sex crimes. This time, the perp is Larry Craig [R. Idaho] and according to the police, he propositioned a police officer in an airport bathroom. Craig has pleaded guilty.

Forgive me fellow Democrats, but I'm not going to kill Craig . Sure, the gay, or perhaps bi-curious Republican senator is a hypocrite for identifying with a party that is happy to ostracize and humiliate homosexuals. We know that. We've seen that before. We're used to fake piety and sanctimony from the GOP. All that is par for the course, and I hope easily blinded Orthodox Jews will, one day, see the GOP for the frauds they are. Blah, blah, blah, etc.

Meanwhile, I want to know this: Why is it a crime to proposition someone?

According to the police, all Craig did was stick his fingers under the stall divider, and he did it only after the cop via code, led him on. That's illegal? Isn't what Craig did the bathroom sex equivalent of asking a pretty girl for her phone number?

I hate to stick up for Craig, but it seems to me the poor guy has been railroaded.

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