Monday, August 20, 2007

A DovBear Readership Poll

Which of the following is definitely true as reported in the news media or as speculated by many?
  • Joe Wilson's famous editorial regarding Niger and WMDs
  • The Bush administration outed Valerie Plame as retribution for Wilson's editorial
  • Deaths during Hurricane Katrina impacted blacks negatively in proportion to whites as a percentage of population
  • The US wiped out a village in Afghanistan
  • The US illegally wiretaps domestic calls
  • Military recruitment is down
  • Karl Rove or Dick Cheney are going to be indicted
  • The US tortures people at secret camps in Europe
  • The US compiles phone records from phone companies
  • The economic moves by the Bush administration would lead to higher inflation and/or unemployment
  • The tax cuts would result in an increasing deficit each year
  • President Bush wrongly avoided service in the military
  • The US is not making progress in Iraq
  • Deaths in Iraq are getting progressively worse - worse than under Saddam Hussein
  • The economy in Iraq is worse than under Saddam Hussein
Finally, I have a separate question: Do the Democratic candidates for President in 2008 think that they are running against President Bush, who is ineligible to run in that year? Because I keep hearing them say things about him.

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