Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DovBear Update

I thought the readership deserved to know where in the world dovbear is vacationing on his week off. Will it be a nice villa up in some country side? Perhaps he is more the golf man heading to Florida to play a round. Washington DC? Israel? Cuba?

Dovbear is spending his time off in Vermont.
In a glorious victory for the forces of greater nakedness, Vermont's clothing-optional capital is stripping off its short-lived ban on public nudity.

Brattleboro passed a temporary prohibition on naturism a month ago, after an elderly tourist strolled naked through the center of town.

But city board members voted 3-2 on Tuesday to reject a proposed ordinance that would have made the ban permanent. When the emergency temporary ordinance expires next month, public nudity will no longer be illegal.
We wish him well and hope he doesn't get a sun burn where the sun shouldn't shine.

I'm kidding. He is on a secret mission

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