Friday, August 31, 2007

Akiva, there's hope!

On a recent guest post, Akiva lamented about the current state of affairs on the comment threads. He Wrote: "This no longer seems to be a place to discuss, challenge, and argue, with respect for Yiddishkeit. Now it seems to be a place to make fun of, degrade, and denigrate orthodox Judaism."

Being that I am notoriously and infamously known for causing a certain chemical reaction which triggers the commenters to heap on me the most exquisite forms of insults, epithets and name calling (clinically known as letsgangup~on~ed syndrome), I was gearing up my arsenal to face a hoard of frummie-blood-seeking Srugies, out to bash, degrade and denigrate me in every unimaginable way.

But lo and behold, other than some snickering by our dear beloved 'cousin' and some classic Dovbear/Yus bickery, the comment thread progressed in a very civil way with fierce but tame discussion and debate.

So to Akiva I say, don't give up - there's hope!

P.S. After I finished writing this post, I took another look at the comment thread of my previous post, and had the shock of my life:

I second the compliment. Ed's fears are loserish, but the post was well put together, and his secondary points are solid. DovBear 08.31.07 - 10:11 am

A compliment from Dovbear!!!! Unbelievable!!

Akiva, Moshiach must be coming real soon......

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