Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Thanks go to the General, J.C Christian Patriot, for linking his blog to DovBear yesterday. We first thought something was up when we noticed thoughtful comments on the political posts; the tsunami Colarado Avalanche of new vistors (presently over 1000) was our next clue. Then we discovered supportive emails in our box, and we knew the world had turned upside down.

Though the General's troops are welcome here, I'd like to reiterate that this blog doesn't make a point of being hospitable to right-wing, Jew-hating, moralizing, missionizing, Christians. We'll make an exception for the General, and his little soldiers, but the policy remains intact: Bill O'Reilly and William Donohue, for example, will still be turned away at the door. (We also have a rule about accused sex felons which is the other reason O'Reilly can't get in.)

But the General is different. Something about him appeals to our inner-Republican. So welcome to DovBear friends of J.C Christian Patriot, and remember, great things await you - and all others who link here.