Friday, January 21, 2005


This is funny. And scary. But mostly funny.

Click on the link, and you'll find a letter of firm Christian rebuke sent to the editor of the Ridgcrest Daily (CA) The writer sounds an awful lot like YitzhakEyezik, only she's Christian, not Jewish. Plus, we think she's real.
As Mr. Scott points out, the glorious Constitution is there to protect the rights of Christians to profess their faith. This country was founded by good Christians and the Constitution guarantees our right to express our religion.

It just is completely beyond me how we have allowed Liberals to deny us this guaranteed right.

Oh, they raise ridiculous arguments like other (false) religions would be "upset" if they were forced to pray alongside the righteous in schools or council meetings.

Surely those others would appreciate the opportunity to be saved. As God's chosen people, we Christians have the right to express our religion and praise tolerant, patient and merciful God, and I don't want to read any more letters from Liberals suggesting non-believers should be allowed to express their superstitions just because we Christians can express ours.