Wednesday, January 26, 2005


First reaction: Wow, there is a lot of room in here!

Ok, I pointed my friend, the GOP Jew, to this list. His reply:

Oliver North's comment was right on target. The terrorists were rooting for Kerry.

DB: And therefore?

GOP JEW: We were right to vote for Bush!

DB: Why does one follow from the others. The terrorists might have thought Kerry would be soft on terror. Does that mean they were right?

GJ: Um...

DB: The terrorist think Bush is Satan's spawn. Are they right about that?

GJ: Um...

DB: They think Jews make matzo from gentile babies. Are they right about that?

GJ: Um...

DB: So the opinion of terrorists matter only when they coincide with your emotional desires. Am I right?

GJ: (shouting) Four more years!

DB: sigh