Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bumper Stickers and Signs of the Holy Land

A guest post by TikunOlam

Was going through my Israel pictures which included some interesting bumper stickers, posters and signs. Thought some of my fellow Israelphiles might enjoy them too. Did the best I could to translate, please correct me if I am less than accurate and I will edit when I can.

[translation for the top: "we treat nature with respect"; translation for the bottom: "only travel on paths that are designated on the map" (the rest I can't make out)

Found on the back of the off-roading Jeep (believe me, we went off the map!) belonging to the guide who gave us an amazing tour of the Gush and brought us to the 400 meter (that is over 1000 feet) zipline (Omega) that my son and I did together.

(translation: "please stop and the gate and say hello ("peace") to the guard."

The sign that greets you when entering the yishuv in the Gush where we were staying most of our trip.

(in this picture the word "rimon" is yelled, which in Hebrew is both the word for pomegranate and grenade)

Some army humor at Latrun, a tank museum

(seen here with "na nach nacha nachman m'uman")

(translation for top: "good eye, good thoughts, good heart and lots and lots of joy." Under the happy eye it says "Rabbi Nachman" and as above, the "na nach nachma nachman m'uman"

The kinds of Breslau bumper stickers that are all over Israel

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