Friday, September 26, 2008

Turning Point

A guest post by JS:

"Turning point"

Well, that's what this post was going to be called anyways. I had this great post in mind about the standoff that was due to occur tonight: Barack Obama at the debate in Mississippi versus John McCain in Washington. Debating and campaigning versus leading and legislating.

But, then McCain blew it and decided he WILL attend the debate after all. Apparently "enough progress" has been made on the bailout plan in the few hours he's been in Washington (and for most of that time Obama was there too). What a hack!

I actually thought staying in Washington was a smart political move. Imagine McCain coming forward at a press conference with Republican and Democratic leaders to announce an agreement on the bailout as Obama stands alone at his podium to talk foreign policy. What a disconnect! Imagine the ads! Imagine the headlines! Image after image of McCain triumphantly saving the economy while Obama talks about troops levels overseas. It wouldn't even matter if McCain had nothing to do with a compromise. He could easily spin it that way. John McCain "feels your pain" and Obama is aloof and unsympathetic.

Just goes to show that McCain's campaign is running scared and is completely floundering and trying to come up with desperate measure after desperate measure to win this campaign and they don't care what shenanigans they have to pull to get there. Whether it's picking an attractive airhead for VP or announcing a halt to campaigning to deal with the economic crisis or then announcing they'll attend the debate after all. McCain's campaign is sunk.

Rereading this post, I think the title "turning point" is still apropos. This is a turning point and McCain lost it big time.

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