Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Qotons Denunciation (edited)

by the Bray of Fundie

In classic brevity DovBear hearts Shmarya's latest project. While very far from Gadlus I'd like to lead the loud and hysterical shouts (braying??) of denunciation. I think that this is a stupid agenda driven idea from the man whose axe is ground so sharp that it can split hairs. Thanks to this "wonderful" project:

Watch for more distilled quotes on Nazi websites "proving" the turpitude of Jews and Judaism.

Watch half-wits like half nut for more cherry picking quotes from poorly translated/lost-in-translation responsa to fuel ever more asinine Halakhic misinformation and inane arguments on threads such as these here and at other popular stations in the J-Blogosphere.

Watch for more secular and skeptical Jews lost to frumkeit forever because this in-a-vacuum context-less exposition of Halakah/the Halkhic process provides Oros too intense and heavy for their constricted Keilim to bear.

If you are already a Qofer and or a Socialist then by all means Buy DovBear's book. (please)

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