Thursday, September 04, 2008

Swear Obama In

by the Bray of Fundie

Well McCain's little ploy to balance the ticket backfired big time. Real Conservatives don't like McCain and they will see through this transparent VP hypocrite in an instant.

To my way of thinking all politicians are avaricious, amoral creatures. Voting is a pragmatic exercise in choosing the least malodorous stench while betting on the nominees likelihood to exercise Machiavellian Pavlovian choices most consistent with one owns socioeconomic agenda. But a supposed conservative outsourcing child-care for her own Down-syndrome baby while parenting yet another baby having a baby takes the cake.

To paraphrase the new GOP rising star the only difference between a pit-bull without lipstick and a pit-bull with lipstick is that the former is a hound while the latter is a b**ch.

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