Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama will lose the debates

You heard it here first. Obama is going to get creamed in the debates. Why? Because for 10 months all we've heard is how Obama is the most gifted speaker of his generation. All McCain has to do is build up those expectations. Then, if he shows up and doesn't trip over his tongue, the ever-idiotic media will write story after story about how McCain "did better than expected."

And if he does trip on his tongue, and turn in a James Stockdale like performance he still wins. All he has to do is cock his head in a folksy manner and say, "Well sure Obama beat me up pretty good. What do you expect from someone who has lots of pretty words, but not much else?"

This is the same trick Bush played on Gore and Kerry. As the economy collapses around us, and the war goes on, aren't you glad you elected the less intelligent man?

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