Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay, now I'm mad

Rabbi Twerski, I am trying not to judge you, but I think your decision to cave into the pressure of hoodlums and barbarians was a mistake. Today the molesters won, and you are the reason why. You've empowered them today, and by handing them this victory more children have been endangered.

Like anyone with sense, I'm enraged, and I am prepared to act. Give me their names. Tell me who threatened you. Tell me who said they would make your children suffer if you tried to help other children, and I will publish their names here.

Name them, Rabbi Twerksi, name them. Let those bastards explain why they chose to support and protect child rapists. Let them tell us the names of the devil they serve. Tell us who they are, so the community of people who care about children can properly respond and rain an unforgiving wrath on these fiends and their friends.

Tell us who they are or you've become part of the problem.

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