Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your news roundup

Introducing what we hope becomes a new and permanent DovBear feature, written by our crack reporter, the Alter Blogger.

In the world of Torah True News (TTN), we are happy to report that the has changed to a new site format – a very elegant new look for an already comprehensive forum for Habotzas Torah; in audio, text and beyond. The wealth of topics and subjects covered, the large number of lecturers and magidei shiur, the formats and types of forums and audience appeal surely make it the greatest site for Limud Hatorah online. Anyone who feels differently is free to argue ad nauseum.

While we're on the subject, YU is also happy to announce the establishment of the Lamm Heritage, in honor of University Chancellor, Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, shlita. The Yadin Yadin Kollel which has produced some of the Jewish World's most brilliant minds will now be renamed for Rav Lamm.

So how does Sarah Palin's Moral Majority really feel about a woman vice president? See what everyone had to say the last time a woman was to be nominated.

In the world according to Sarah Palin, there would probably be a population overcrowding crisis in the United States since as a member of "Feminists for Life" Palin is indeed against all forms of contraception -including oral contraception- which means an upsurge in the occurrence of "Chupas Niddah" given that Orthodox Jewish women almost universally take birth control pills to prevent menstruation on their wedding days.

But seriously, what should anyone expect from tough small town Mayor who made rape victims foot the bill for their own forensic examinations?

Must be easy for a Governor who misuses state funds.

Then again, what should America expect from a blatant, that's blatant liar? I remember a president who got impeached for being liar, not too long ago. (That's blatant liar)

Only in New York can Metzitz B'Peh be the topic of desperate last minute election day Robo-Call campaigns

One Rabbi, Two Students: People at Stern College speak to CBS News about Professor Ladin

Teaching them young: Another College Republicans head resigns over his cocky racism

Read this: Murphy Brown , Dan Quayle, and Juno in Juneau

Did she "legitimize a former terrorist" or just merely have a "diplomatic meeting with an evil doer?" Huh? Inquiring minds want to know what anyone thinks of the recent historic meeting between United State secretary of state Condi Rice and his royal wackiness, Muammar al-Qaddafi. She even had an Iftar banquet with him. President Bush (the first American president ever to annually observe the Ramadan dinner) will be having his Iftar feast next week. Weren't you invited?

For another tree that fell in the forest which nobody heard, was the recent block by the US (aka the Bush administration) of an Israeli attempt at purchasing aircrafts which may have been able to be used in an attack against Iran. Hmm. Ironically this occurred during the same week that people came down hard on Joe Biden for suggesting that Israel might have to concede to getting used to the idea that Iran would be nuclear. What?

Speaking of Rice, we already knew she was a fake conservative – but not this much that she can't give an overwhelming endorsement to Sarah Palin? Perhaps Condi feels Sarah's presence might stifle her own futile chances to run in 2012 or 2016.

Meanwhile back on the warfront, not only did Bush not forget Poland, but in another "surge"attempt he actually didn't forget Afghanistan either, apparently.

And finally in entertainment, Senator John McCain unable to fight his delusions now claims that he is none other than Jack Bauer.

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