Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Sarah Palin...

Stop lying please

See, this is why the Democrats can't win a national election: They are too damn nice, unlike the puppy-eating Republicans. When Al Gore TOLD THE TRUTH about his role in the development of the Internet, but phrased in badly, the GOP and the media turned him into a walking joke. The same thing happened when John Kerry TOLD THE TRUTH about how his position on the Iraq war changed over time, as new facts emerged.

But this woman is traveling across the country repeating the same discredited lie, over and over again, and the Dummycrats aren't doing a thing. It's time to get mean Obama. It's time to get in the mud, where, alas, presidential elections are always won. There will be enough time for pretty words after you win. For now, fight fire with fire.

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