Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Biden is better for Israel

Some Jewish blogs, which I won't name because they suck, are currently attempting to create some enthusiasm for the idea that Joe Biden is Weak on Israel. They do this by ignoring facts, and by applying a double standard, and, of course, the whole attack is dressed in a veneer of objectivity. "Really," they seem to say, "We'd LOVE to vote Democrat, but we can't because their VP candidate is insufficiently pro-Israel."

This approach is typical of GOP-bloggers and it makes a mockery of intellectual honesty. The bloggers playing this game wouldn't vote for Moshiach ben Dovid if he ran Democrat. They aren't objectively weighing Biden's record and credentials, and trying to make an honest choice. They are l'chatchila looking for ways to discredit him.

It's hard to understand how any one-issue voter who seriously cares about Israel's well-being could prefer Palin to Biden. One is a supporter of Pat "Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory" Buchanan, with no record on Israel. The other frequently says things like this. Therefore, the only possible explanation for the behavior of these Jewish-bloggers is that they care more about electing a Republican than they do about helping Israel.

These bloggers should be condemned for their dishonesty. If they prefer the Republican side, they should do what I do, and come out swinging, instead of playing make believe.

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