Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recapping Kaine and Obama

Tim Kaine is fumbling, unsteady, wearing a too dark blue shirt and sporting a comb over. Plus that tie is gross. Not impressed. Yet.

Update: All of his applause lines are flat. He has the charisma of a wet corn chip. How did this mayonnaise man get elected senator?

Update: Kaine is neither likable nor persuasive. He's not a captivating speaker. On the other hand he's also not a lunatic, con man, or psychopath.

Update: Not even paying attention anymore. Sad! I was really looking forward to some red attack dog meat.

Update: His ending was ok with the name checking but not rousing. He sounded horse and reminds me of someone's nerdy father with that lame Trump impersonation. Next!

Update OBAMA TIME! Over the last eight years I've become a huge fan of his oration skills.  Here we go. Professional communicator par excellence at work.

Update: Of course he's killing it. Excellent diction, rhythm, cadence, timing, language. Like watching Helfgott sing. And by the way this isn't an easy assignment. He's got to simultaneously persuade us that he did an awesome job as president but that there is still more work to do.

Update: Ha! He just ignored that TPP heckler. Didn't even change his facial expression. Ice! Not a thin-skinner.

Update: Obama is on fire. The polish, the confidence, the skill with which he's developing his themes and the mastery of his delivery.

Update: Trump is now getting buried. I wish Obama would talk smack about that orange goon 24/7.

Update: The optimistic pro America parts of this speech have been awesome. So have the pro people parts. The guy comes across as a genuine humanist and and a real patriot

Update: ahhaha the president of the United States just used the word yarmulke in a convention speech. And how he's riffing on the meaning of being an American and I, like everyone in the arena, am absolutely rapt.

Update: Strong powerful ending. Bill Clinton, a wizard in his own right, has a what-did-I-just-see expression on his face. This address was artful, powerful, inspirational and soul stirring. If you don't believe me read the transcript for yourself.

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