Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Horrendous Hasbarah

 Here's what might be the worst example of Hasbarah I've ever seen

Aside from the flip and cavalier tone and the feel-good message at the expense of terrorist victims the logic doesn't add up:

1) Europe didn't just discover terrorism this year. Europe already knows plenty about terrorism, as the following chart indicates:

2) Europe is a big place. Believe it or not, it is possible for European security experts to be firmly focused on stopping terrorists while AT THE SAME TIME other Europeans are putting stickers on products.

3) The meme suggests Europe has been sitting around picking its nails, and allowing terrorists to roam free, despite Israel's concerned warnings. However as the following chart makes clear,  Europol and Interpol are not soft on terror:

Anyway, imagine if "Europe" reacted to the Kiryat Arba attack with something like this:

Europe WARNED Israel about terrorism, but ISRAEL was too busy appropriating PALESTINIAN LAND and BULLDOZING ORCHARDS to listen. SHAME REALLY!

Obscene right? Well this horrendous example of hasbarah is no better

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