Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Gorillas and girls.

Um... "sleeping gorilla in his sleep"?

Anyway, let's fisk the rest of this dumb tweet.

#1: The whole world actually was outraged over the murder of the 13 year old girl. I mean those who knew about it. 

 #2: Only a very small subset of the global population knew about the stupid gorilla, and of those who did know about it,  most were on the side of the zoo and agreed it was right to shoot it.

#3: People are killed by terrorists and other types of criminals virtually every day. In what way does "Ari Yoblak" demonstrate his consistent, daily, ongoing outrage over those events? 

And if Ari reserves his outrage only for unique case that touch him personally, why can't gorilla lovers do that, too?

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