Monday, February 15, 2016

YCT vs Satmar: Which community does more to offend the Rambam's big 13?

We've been hearing for months how Yeshiva Chovevei Torah is a stronghold of kefirah, due to the fact that some graduates have made heretical sounding noises about the authorship of the Torah.

Fine. But what about Satmar?

As I told you in a famous post back in 2005, Satmar are sloppy when it comes to the Rambam's big 13.

For example, the Satmars I count among my personal friends don't believe with a firm and complete belief that (ikkar #3) physical concepts do not apply to God, or (ikkar #5) that it is only proper to pray to God, or (ikkar #11) that God rewards and punishes based on mitzvah observance.

In reality, many of them imagine a God that has emotions and can be changed through prayer and consoled by the acts of men. They also direct their prayers to ancestors or boldfaced names like the Noyam Elimelech or the Benai Yissascher. Finally, they rely on segulot and other acts of magic to avoid punishment and secure reward.

Per the Rambam all of these are acts of abject heresy.

So, if Abe Gordimer wants to be a heresy hunter, why is he wasting his time with the amateurs at YCT who are in violation of just one ikkar, when he might be chasing bigger game?

*Satmar is a synecdoche. This applies to all Hasidim
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