Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Who will the men in shul support?

I think the sharpers in my shul are going to have a problem this time around. While they are innately inclined to vote Republican which of the Big Three are they supposed to rally around in 2016?

Trump, certainly, has macho douche-bag characteristics the Big Swinging Dicks in my shul will find appealing; however, he's also gone bankrupt several times and, let's be honest, everyone who is not a moron Christian gun-lover sees right through the cynical game that is his candidacy.

Cruz has his religiosity going for him because many of the men in my shul have a sickening respect for Christianity, but Cruz is also about as likable as a stink bug.

So that leave Marco. He's certainly eligible to receive the "Best Friend Israel Has Ever Had" appellation that always seems to accompany the GOP nomination but does he have the credentials the shrewd wheeler-dealers in my shul will demand? I don't know.

Too bad for Jeb. He definitely would have been their guy. Also too bad for Hillary (because Girl) and Bernie (because Socialist) Neither stand a chance of winning their support.
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