Monday, February 29, 2016

Republican questions

The few republicans who posses any decency need to stop acting so surprised that a Donald Trump is on the verge of taking over your party thanks, almost entirely, to his loud and nasty appeals to racism and xenophobia.

What's called for now is introspection. You need to ask yourselves some real questions, starting with this: Why do your rank and file see magic and potential in a blustering empty suit of a demagogue who cavalierly bullies women and minorities? What is it about your party that makes it both welcoming and inviting to the dregs of society? Your front runner is so afraid of offending the racist republicans who make up his majority that he spent the weekend playing patty-cake with David Duke! This is your party? These are your people?

This post addresses "decent Republicans" and I don't mean that facetiously. You are decent. You do exist. But why do you continue to be associated with such trash?

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