Thursday, January 21, 2016

Police brutality in Israel

This is a story of police brutality and malfeasance told by a Jewish man from Modi'in. He says he was physically and mentally abused, harassed, separated from his family and terrorized by the Israel police despite the fact that he is completely, totally and utterly innocent.

During the ordeal, he was interrogated in a language he doesn't fully understand and beaten when he wouldn't sign a document he couldn't read. And this being Israel they were allowed to do all of it without an attorney present.

Arabs of course have been telling these types of horror story for years. Their homes are invaded in the middle of the night. They are accosted in the street, held without charges, beaten, tortured. When one of them is shot, the cops tell everyone the victim was a terrorist (just as every block man shot by the police in America "was reaching for what looked like a gun."

The typical Jewish response to these atrocities is always to defend the authorities. Any Arab who tangles with a cop or soldier is automatically presumed guilty as "our boys" are always professional, courteous and committed to justice. 

Well, after you've read the man from Modiin's experience let's see see what you think about that.

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