Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A beloved celebrity has died... now what?

Let's say a beloved non-Jewish celebrity has died. How do the Jewish vertically integrated digital-media companies report it?

BNJC's manager's cousin was married to a Jew, therefore we deserve credit for all of his accomplishments.

BNJC is dead and it's Obama's fault.

Eight depressing Israeli novelists weigh in on BNJC .

Honest Reporting:
ALERT! Read the NYT and Guardian headlines about BNJC's death and you can't miss their virulent anti-Israel bias.

Yeshiva World News:
EXCLUSIVE: YWN is now EXCLUSIVELY reporting that our reporter has EXCLUSIVELY confirmed that BNJC has died.

Cross Currents
BNJC may have bashed homosexuals and women all the time, while publicly calling for Jews to convert but we admire him anyway because he was such a devout Christian.

Rabbi Stephen Pruzanskey
Now that I have written 10,000 words of self-righteous, high drodgeon blather containing dozens of facts I personally invented, I leave you no choice but to accept that Obama is Hitler incarnate. Oh and some hippie liberal died.
Israelly Cool:
Separated at Birth: Check out the muppet or troll to whom BNJC bares a passing resemblance!

Rabbi's drasha (Modern Orthodox):
Here's a gratuitous and irrelevant positive mention of BNJC (He loved Israel!)

Rabbi's drasha (Yeshivish ):
Here's a gratuitous and irrelevant negative mention of BNJC (He had no idea what real happiness is!)

Local Jewish fishwrapper:
Elderly resident recounts meeting BNJC at airport. Awkward photo included.

Viral Facebook post:BNJC was being treated with a drug developed in Israel. Why is no one mentioning this!?!??

NOTE: 98 percent of this great post was written by Yehudi Pashuti  )

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