Monday, January 11, 2016

Answering Garnel

Last week, Garnel may have set a record for most poorly considered comments on a single thread. Here are the foolish things he said, with my replies:

GARNEL: Don't doubt for a second that if, instead of israel, she'd maligned gays or Obama, DB and all his comrades would be coming down on her like a pile of bricks

DB: Gays and Obama are maligned all the time. Huge swaths on the Internet are dedicated to this, above everything else. Can you find a single instance of me "coming down on them like a ton of bricks?" Have you ever seen me try to whip up a Twitter storm of abuse and disparagement like the tornado of hatred that the Hasbrah Twitter community brought down on that girls head (It was severe enough to provoke an Anonymous Op!!) Yes, people malign Obama and gays, but  I don't stalk the perpetrators, or harass them, or do any of the other rude things the hasbarah hounds did to this poor girl.


GARNEL: Yeah, yeah, you don't hate Israel

DB: Correct. I don't hate Israel. I hate extreme RW politicians and their fascist, demagogic behavior. I hate the brutality and injustice of the occupation and the way its corroding society and turning Israel into a pariah state. But I am able to separate all that from "Israel". Clearly you can't.


GARNEL: Oh come on, DB. Let's imagine this girl's posts had been laced with "F--k Mohammed" and "F--k Islam". Do you expect us to believe that there wouldn't be a huge outcry calling for her to be publicly disemboweled? That you would say "Now hang on, she's entitled to an opinion"?

DB:  I've frequently defended people who insult the prophet on free speech grounds. I'm a free speech absolutist. Everyone gets to say anything they like, in the service of an actual argument.(In fact, I encouraged people to answer  Benny with arguments, rather than harassment!)  Garnel, I can't believe you don't know this, and can only assume you're lying out of malice.

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