Monday, January 11, 2016

No Rey dolls...

I'm a feminist - promise - but I can't support the men and women who are criticizing Hasbro for the lack of Rey in their Star Wars merchandising. Hasbro doesn't exist to empower women. It exists to make money. If the market research suggested Rey action figures would sell, Hasbro would make them by the truck load.

 The lack of Rey merchandise doesn't tell us Hasbro hates women. It tells us Hasbro has determined people, generally, won't buy Rey merchandise.

I mean let's look at Burger King. They won't sell gefilte fish. Is that bigotry? Or has someone intelligently determined that Berger King will make more money selling cheeseburgers and less money selling Jewish delicacies?

Like the women who want to see a Rey doll, it would warm my heart to see the major chains selling cholent and kugel; but the fact that they have not isn't a hate crime. Its a business decision.